From Denver to Prague

An American living the dream in Europe! Capturing sounds from local and touring bands from all over the world, I am thrilled to be working as a freelance producer and engineer in the world class recording facility at Studio Faust Records in Prague, Czech Republic.

My Life In short: I grew up recording music in my dad's wood shop in small town Colorado. Graduated high school and got BS in mechanical engineering from CU. I fidgeted in classes because I couldn't wait to get home play guitar.  I designed industrial machinery for a few years and fidgeted at my design desk in anticipation of tracking and mixing my friends' bands after work. I noticed this pattern so I saved my money, got brave, quit my "real job," and have been focusing exclusively on sound engineering and music production ever since.  I came to Prague and was lucky to find my way into my dream job.  I have never looked back.

In Prague, I have been lucky enough to work with some top artists and producers from around the world.  Lately, I have engineered for American producers such as Sylvia Massy (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tool, Johnny Cash, Tom Petty, Prince, System of a Down ), Czech artists such as Ben Cristovao and Slovak Mária Čírová , and the Australian psychedelic rockers The Walking Who.  As well as Vera Bila, David J, and Czech composer Varhan.


Feel free to contact me to discuss how I can help you experience this amazing space with your band or solo project!

I have never had a day in the studio I did not enjoy. 

Na zdraví,


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