Nick's recent projects....
Ben Cristovao - Male Vocals Engineered by Nick Fox
Mixed and Mastered by Nick Fox
Bryan Gandola (Czech Superstar) Produced, Engineered, Mixed, Mastered by Nick Fox
DayZ Trailer (Song near end of trailer)
Written, Produced, Recorded by Nick Fox
DayZ Trailer Music (Full 2 min cut version)
Written, Produced, Recorded by Nick Fox
Engineered by Sylvia Massy, Derek Saxenmeyer, and Nick Fox

"Working with Nick was a great experience. I brought an acoustic song idea to the studio and at the end of the session we had a very well produced pop song. Nick came up with ideas I would have never thought about. And because he is also a very versatile musician and engineer he makes things flow very naturally in the studio. Very nice and professional guy. You'll get super friendly treatment and have so much fun."

                                         - Diego Zeta, Madrid

Video: Tryptych live session at Faust Records
Recorded and Mixed by Nick Fox and Michael Gugliotti

"Bringing Nick Fox into my project was one of the best decisions of my music career. Musically he brought in a style and flavor that I would never have expected, but later on couldn't imagine the track without. He is a creative guy who happens to also have a technical side. He draws from a diverse musical background and customizes elements specifically to your sound. He is well versed in multiple instruments and isn't afraid to learn something new. When it comes to engineering he has the best of both the technical and creative worlds. He will push you beyond your limits to find the perfect take with just the right personality. He produced 10 or more songs for me and every single one came out great with a new feel and energy I didn't anticipate. Nick is a package deal who doesn't cut corners and will always keep your dreams and goals in sight when working with you."

                                       - Alan Baird, Denver, Colorado

"It was clear that Nick knew his music. Our band told him what type of sound we were going for and he then suggested lots of great vintage gear to achieve that. He was quite clever with the selection of the rooms, the amps, drum kit, the placement of the mics - all of it contributed to us achieving the sound we were going for. Plus, he had great suggestions regarding additional instrumentation that we added in. He really made the whole process easy and seamless, and in the end, our band just really enjoyed ourselves while recording. He really helped us achieve our sound, and he knew how to capture it. It was a pleasure working with him."


- Fred Hartman of Giedi Prime Prague, Czech Republic

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